Between the French National Sleep day (19 March) and the International Joke Day (01st of April), if there is a day one should not miss, it is French National Cheese Day on 27th March!

Don’t let this occasion go to enjoy perfect matches between Cheeses and Vouvray Wines!

  • With the famous Sainte-Maure De Touraine, the Normand Camembert, the smooth Saint-Nectaire or even the Comté, a Dry wine, fresh and mineral as the Vouvray 2014 will be required!
  • The thin and delicate bubles from our Sparkling Dry and Semi-Dry, will accompany cooked Cheeses : Beauforttomme des Pyrénées, or even the Swiss Gruyère.
  • The Semi-dry wines tender and fruity as are the 2010 and 2015, will also match the cooked Cheeses in addition to Reblochon!
  • And if Cheese is missing where you are, the Semi-dry can as well be the friend of exotic dishes, such as Pad Thai, Chicken with fried vegetables and Cashew Nuts or Chicken Noodles in curry cauce, without forgetting Tajines.
  • The Sweet 2003 and 2005 will go perfectly along with the Mont d’OrRoquefort or even Bleu d’Auvergne !


Don’t wait longer, enjoy!