The territory of Vouvray covers more than 2000 ha, on the right side of the Loire river, between Amboise, where Leonardo Da Vinci  spent his last days in the Castle  of the Clos Luce, and Tours, where it is said people are speaking the true French.

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Also called “Pineau de Loire“, The Chenin Blanc constitutes the only grape of the Designation of Controlled Origin Vouvray. However, you can find other grapes in the area, such as the “Touraine”, often illustrating  Rosé wines


 Vouvray offers a wide range of wines, from still to sparkling, over the decades.

The sparkling Wines:

The Traditionnal Method proposed in “Brut” or “Semi-Dry”, is realized in the same conditions as the wine from our friends from Champaign.

The Pétillant: He differs in terms of pression, half of the amount of the Method Traditionnal, leading to a lighter foam and less bubbles.

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The Still Wines: 

Dry, Semi-Dry or Sweet, all differ depending on the year, but all have a similarity: their capacity of long-term storage in the numerous Caves of Vouvray, where the wine “rests” and gets better every year!


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