Our History

The Domaine Maurice Huguet was created by Maurice’s father back in 1943. With the strong support of his children and grand-children Maurice leads the Domaine.With a multicanal market approach, the Domaine strongly values customers’ relations through permanent contacts and exchanges.Vintages along with practises and the so-called terroir enabled the Domaine to build a rich variety from Traditional Method to White Wines.

Vouvray Vineyard

Our Vineyard

The Wine Domaine Maurice Huguet is located at the heart of Vouvray, French central region. It is located on the clay and limestone plateau characteristic of this part of the Loire Valley. Spread over ten hectares, the sole grape variety is the Chenin Blanc.

Matured in the tufa caves, the Vouvray wine develops an incredible aging capacity to express its full potential after a few years or even decades.

Our Products

Our products can be grouped in three categories comprehensively representing the diversity and unity of Vouvray and the Domaine Maurice Huguet: Traditional Method, Sparkling and White Wine.

Vouvray Brut

The Fine Bubbles of the Traditional Method

Following the harvest in autumn fermentation and aging precede bottling at the beginning of the following year. Then starts at least twelve months of rest in the tufa caves to enable the perfect second fermentation and storage in bottles.


Essence of Character with the Sparkling

As for the Traditional Method, the first steps will bring Fine Bubbles, Freshness and Mineral notes. During the second fermentation the Vouvray Sparkling will stand out and develop its flavorful character. Aged at the heart of the tufa caves, its light sparkle provides dynamicity to the Vouvray mineral singularity.


Nature and Origin with the White Wine

Vouvray illustrates a Terroir where aging pairs with embellishment: 1947, 1976, 1989, 1990 and many more which made Vouvray history. We propose our vintages dry, semi-dry and sweet. We bottle in our White Wines passion and know-how. With an unrivalled variety resting on a mineral and fruity aromatic base, there is no dish that Chenin cannot pair.

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