Vouvray Traditional Method- Do you mean Champagne?

Vouvray Traditional Method or Champagne

This is one of the most frequent questions so we decided to make it an article in order to enlighten the spirits while rejoicing the hearts! (The motto of the Vouvray appellation). Although the two essences represent Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) among the many existing and visible on the eAmbrosia platform of the European […]

Harvest 2021- A balancing act

Vouvray Generations

Hail, rain, mildew: 2021 has brought a multiplicity of challenges to wine producers all over France, coupled with sluggish markets in a globally difficult context: hey, nothing to stop Vouvray! As for any harvest, finding the right equilibrium between sugar concentration, acidity, but also health of the vines, is the key to a successful production. […]

E-shop opening


2021 marks a step forward for the Domaine getting its online shop for the all time favourites and more!  Since 1943, we have enjoyed receiving you at the Domaine guiding you through hours long of tasting and conversation, building great memories and sometimes decades-long friendships and collaborations. Don’t you worry: this will remain our main […]