Vouvray Traditional Method- Do you mean Champagne?
Vouvray Traditional Method or Champagne

Vouvray Traditional Method- Do you mean Champagne?

This is one of the most frequent questions so we decided to make it an article in order to enlighten the spirits while rejoicing the hearts! (The motto of the Vouvray appellation).

Although the two essences represent Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) among the many existing and visible on the eAmbrosia platform of the European Commission, we are clearly talking here about two different products, for which the winemaking method shows similarities in particular concerning the second fermentation in the bottle. But you will agree, a wine cannot be reduced to its vinification method, as essential as it is!

And this is when the notion of terroir coupled with the wine-growing practices of each winegrower, but also with the grape variety in question (Chenin Blanc for Vouvray), cannot be omitted. Here we use the definition of the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV):

“Vitivinicultural “terroir” is a concept which refers to an area in which collective knowledge of the interactions between the identifiable physical and biological environment and applied vitivinicultural practices develops, providing distinctive characteristics for the products originating from this area. “

There are thus many differences between Champagne and Vouvray Traditional Method, from the soil to the bottle, including the grape and the shears. We can in particular realize these differences by studying the respective specifications of the two appellations defining the vitivinicultural rules necessary for the recognition of a product as coming from an AOC.

It is therefore in the negative that we are positively delighted to assert the identity and typicality of Vouvray, which we hope to share with you during your next tasting!